the fund ecosystem

We incubate and run select emerging funds.

Who we are

Diffuse is a platform of cherry picked emerging funds who use our rigorous investment process and shared resources to deliver superhuman results.

What we do

Diffuse sources budding managers who, through the school of hard knocks, have discovered an investment edge. Using our step-by-step launch process we turn their idea into a live fund running on our infrastructure. Diffuse frees our managers to cash in on their edge, while we run the fund: from deal flow to finances.


Creative Financing Craze

with Derek J. Manuge (CEO, Corl) and George Souri (CEO, LQD Finance)

Trans-Atlantic Alliances

with Kenny Estes (CEO and Founder, Diffuse) and Ayla Kremb (Ecosystem Manager, Diffuse)

Alt Data Dance Party

with Sina Foroohar (Co-founder, ForteAegis RealityResearch) and Jimmy Zollo (CEO, Collaborate)


Contact Us

If you think you have found a compelling edge and have the experience to take advantage of it, contact us.